Monday, June 4, 2007


I received the Bakespace Newsletter this morning and opened it to discover I was among three contestants to win their salsa cook off! I'll get a copy of the new cookbook Salsavino by Chuck Cardamon. Congratulations to the other winners, who's recipes I'll have to try! Many thanks to everyone who voted for me and suggested names for the salsa!

From the newsletter -

The votes have been counted and we have our winners for the BakeSpace Salsa Cook-off. Read below to find out who won and why our resident Salsa Expert, Chuck Cardamon, loves each of the winning recipes:

Can I Eat It With A Spoon?' Salsa by Brooke This is a great name and a question I have heard many times when people try my salsa recipes. The simple combination of colorful and meaty Roma tomatoes, bright and crunchy corn, and the aroma of fresh basil and garlic make this a wonderful dish."

Crab Salsa by Becky This recipe uses a Ceviche-style base and shows some 'outside the salsa box' thinking. It adds a different dimension to a simple of dish and broadens its use to include elegant pairings and occasions."

Black & White Salsa by Foodie Bride It combines a triad of culinary elements...color, flavor and texture. It's also elegantly simple, so even entry level cooks should be comfortable trying to make it; and that's what cooking is all about."

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