Sunday, June 24, 2007

A BBQ Classic

It's amazing how many neighbors seem to walk by our house when we decide to pull out the smoker! Many a great Southern BBQ establishments have started out this way - maybe becoming a pit master can be my new summer job, I could think of a lot worse!

The husband picked up two slabs of ribs over the weekend from Carfagna's and decided to give smoking them another shot. Of all the fabulous & delicious things he smokes for us, little ol' ribs has given him the most problems. Coincidentally, I had just received my latest issue of Cook's Country and they were perfecting Chicago style ribs. He combined his rub & mop sauce with their suggested cooking time and we finally had a winner! The rib processes is long, 8 hours in the smoker and two in the oven - but the results were delicious and worth waiting for! We split a rack and had grilled corn on the cob and broccoli to round out the meal.

I stocked up on Yuengling while on vacation, and had the light version with dinner. We've never had the light before and LOVE regular Yuengling, but the light version was just ok. I've definitely had better light beers, but I've had worse too. On a side note, hauling all this Yuengling back makes me mad they don't distribute to Ohio. Makes no sense.

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