Sunday, June 3, 2007

"No......," I told Tyler Florence

Biscuits weren't something I grew up eating, my family was (and still are) toast people. The husband's family are biscuit people all-the-way. Up until recently, I had always thought making biscuits from scratch was something that took way to much time - time better devoted to drinking coffee and reading the Sunday paper.

While working out this week, I was watching Tyler Florence on the Food Network, an oxymoron I know, and he was making biscuits. He swore they were easy to make and he didn't seem to be lying as he made them. It was then I uttered "No.........they can't really be that easy. Can they Tyler Florence?" It was then and there, running on the treadmill, that I decided I would step up to the plate and make my husband biscuits. Looking in the trusted Better Homes & Gardens cookbook, I found a freakishly simple recipe - so simple I was embarrassed I had never made them before. I cut out 11 nice circles and several smaller ones and was extremely pleased with how they looked. I put them in the oven and 12 minutes later...well you can see from the picture they didn't really resemble the typical fluffy biscuits. More like a sugar cookie. I believe my problem was in how thin I rolled my dough. I was happy with how they tasted, so next time I just need to roll the dough thicker.

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