Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

We celebrated the holiday by having some friends over to grill out and play some cornhole. Our much needed rain fell right as the party was to begin, but not to worry our friends braved the sudden downpour and brought with them some delicious side dishes as well.

I made a couple different dishes for the party: cheesecake tart, watermelon salad with rum and mint and black bean dip with corn & basil - which didn't photograph well. All of them turned out well, I especially loved the black bean dip and it's healthy, which is a plus. I served the cheesecake with some leftover blueberry syrup and diced strawberries.

The husband and his grills were the stars of the party, as usual! He grilled up flavorable hamburgers, brats and some delicious pork loin. He uses an assortment of secret spices in the burgers and decided, at the last minute, to go with the pork loin and follow a recipe from barbecue u's Steve Raichlen.

It seemed fitting to wash down all this delicious food with some Yuengling, after all it is America's oldest brewery. An interesting historical fact about Yuengling: 1933 Prohibition ends. The brewery celebrates with the production of Winner Beer and ships a truckload to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Thank you, Mr. President.

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Cara said...

that watermelon salad sounds delicious! I was just looking at a recipe for watermelon soup last night, now I am really in the mood to make something fun with watermelon!