Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Simple and delicious.

It's been awhile since I've looked at other food blogs, so this past weekend I devoted some Internet time to seeing what others have been making in the last few weeks. I found several new recipes and ideas for future recipes, but one recipe in particular stayed with me. I love meals that not only taste delicious, but are very easy to prepare and the recipes for Mojo Crock Pot Chicken & Healthier Taco Rice from A Taste of Tina fit the bill perfectly.

Essentially I followed Tina's recipes exactly as written. I made a couple of modifications, but those were mainly for personal preferences. I omitted the onions in both dishes because I don't like them, though I did add a few shakes of dried onion to the chicken mixture. To the rice I added some frozen corn and a can of died tomatoes. I wrapped the chicken in a flour tortilla and topped it with black beans, Monterey Jack cheese and lettuce.

I had some problems with the rice, simply because for the life of me I can not make rice. During my take two with the rice, the husband even told me I shouldn't make rice anymore. Eventually, I did finish the rice and I thought it was good (the husband isn't a fan of brown rice anyway, so his opinion doesn't count). And perfecting the art of cooking rice has shot to my list of goals to complete for 2008!

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GlimmerGal said...

I am so glad you tried my recipe and enjoyed it. I highly reccomend buying a rice steamer if you aren't great with rice. I love it, I have the Cuisinart one that has a steamer insert for steaming veggies and fish also.

PS - Love your blog and I have photo envy!