Saturday, August 9, 2008

Birthday Cupcakes.

I made drink inspired cupcakes for my friends birthday this weekend.

First let me point out how nice my cupcakes look. No cups runneth over here, the most perfect cupcakes I think I've ever made.

Margarita cupcakes (24 cupcakes) - I followed the recipe almost exactly: I used orange juice concentrate in place of Grand Marnier, subbed tangelo zest for lime zest & added a bit more lime juice to the icing. The cupcake batter was similar to angel food, very light & airy. I thought the recipe was ok, but not quite the margarita taste I was hoping for. It was more like a lime/citrus cupcake than anything else. Everyone else seemed to enjoy them, so I guess that's all that matters!

Chai latte cupcakes (18 cupcakes) - At the last minute I abandoned my original recipe and went with this one. The only thing different between these two recipes was the cake, the original being chocolate based & the one I made being more of a spice cake. I think I could have just used a boxed spice mix and gotten the same results, next time I'll try the chocolate which I think will give it the additional depth of flavor the cake seemed to be lacking. The icing was spot on perfect! I'm a hard sell on most icings, as most are crap. I can see using the icing recipe on a variety of baked goods: ginger, chocolate, carrot or pumpkin cake, or maybe some fall flavored Whoppie Pies. Yum!

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Joelen said...

Both of these look awesome! My friend made margarita cupcakes for a cupcake swap I hosted and they were fabulous!