Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chicken Pot Pie.

The second session of my cooking group ended last week & of course I'm still trying to make all the recipes! Week five's recipe was a healthy version of chicken pot pie, a classic cold weather dish. The dish took a decent amount of time to prepare, so if I make it again it will definitely be on the weekend. It was flavorful, hearty and most importantly healthy! The dish doesn't photo well, but it more than made up for it flavor wise! As with most comfort foods, it made for delicious leftovers!

I used frozen carrots and peas, only three potatoes, no tomatoes & used a whole can of chicken broth. Seasoning wise I added a lot more than called for, and think it would be a little bland if made as written. Just add more, or less, of whatever you like or think would be good. I'm thinking if I make this again, I would freeze the mixture into smaller baking dishes and just add the pie crust & bake. This way we could have it on a weeknight, but not have to spend the time making it.

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That Girl said...

I love chicken pot pie!