Sunday, January 18, 2009

Orange Mojito.

I just ran across this recipe for orange mojito's and was happy to let the husband make us a couple tonight. Normal people drink mojito's sitting outside in the summer, but being far from normal I think mojito's can & should be enjoyed year round. Plus citrus is in season right now!

The husband didn't add any mint because it's buried under snow and I apparently didn't freeze any for winter use. I thought it needed something else in it, so he added some cranberry juice which seemed to do the trick. These were very tasty and will likely make an appearance alongside the pineapple mojito's at the lake this summer!

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That Girl said...

I love mojitos and orange mojitos sound fantastic - but I feel like you should rename yours and take the credit for inventing a wonderful drink, since you left out the mint and added cranberry!