Friday, July 6, 2007

24 and Raspberry Margarita's

Margarita's have never been a favorite of mine, something about the taste of Tequila has never, well tasted that great. I've been warming up to them more after I was introduced to beer margarita's. There are probably a hundred different ways to makes these, the recipe linked here just being one of many. I've had them made with various kinds of beer, though it seems Stroh's and Corona are the two most popular. Tonight we made a pitcher and added some frozen raspberries, which probably would have been really great had we used an entire container of frozen lime aid. We only had half a container left, and I really think it would have been better had we used all of it. However, the raspberries did add a nice texture and some flavor to the margarita's and were good for a muggy Friday night catching up on previous seasons of 24. I'll toast a raspberry margarita to Jack Bauer, he looks like he could use a few.

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