Monday, July 9, 2007

Introducing...Mr. Carson!

The husband has been wanting a puppy, specifically a black lab puppy for quite awhile. So we decided to go out Sunday and see what kind of dogs were available to adopt. Two of our friends went with us, and they wasted no time finding and adopting Briscoe. Luckily we both found dogs we wanted to adopt as well; the husband found an eight month old black lab named Clyde and I found a year old rottweiler/German Sheppard mix named Roxie. Each of us wanted our respective dog, but I knew the ol' lab would win out! Today we went back and adopted a very happy Clyde, who was promptly renamed Carson.

Carson is a rescue puppy, who is extremely calm and easy going. Today his favorite thing has been to sleep! But after two car rides, meeting Oliver and The Dude - the resident cats, getting a bath and going on a long walk, I think I'd be tired too. The husband is extremely happy to finally have a lab of his own, and Carson seems pretty fond of him too. As for Oliver & The Dude, they also seem to be taking Carson in stride - a couple of days and they'll all be good friends!

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