Monday, July 30, 2007

When Bad Recipes Happen To Good Cooks.

I blame the husband for this one. Since he's sick, I let him pick out the sauce and of course he picked the only one I had doubts about. So I guess it's not really his fault or even Mario Batali, who made up the recipe, but mine for not going with my initial instinct. I never thought butter & cheese could be so wrong. This was also the first time I'd ever used frozen gnocchi, which turned out to be another mistake! In the past I've made it from scratch and it's definitely worth the extra effort. I found the frozen stuff to be gummy and flavorless. The husband liked the sauce and had no complaints about the gnocchi, but he's sick, so perhaps his taste buds have been affected. We each added our own vegetable of choice to the gnocchi - broccoli for the husband and zucchini for myself. The husband said the broccoli really made the dish, I think it was his medicine talking. I'm not sure anything could have saved this sauce, to say I disliked this meal is an understatement. I disliked it so much I even made the sick husband clean up the kitchen.

For those brave souls curious enough to look at the recipe & perhaps even make it, may the force be with you. Who knows, maybe the husband was right.

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