Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Willpower...Its What's For Breakfast.

Yesterday's blah dinner left me very hungry this morning and it didn't help my cause that I woke up with a pounding headache. I wanted a bad for me breakfast this morning in the worst possible way - thankfully those type of places don't deliver. It took me awhile to talk myself into eating breakfast at home, the husband thinks I'm crazy when I tell him stuff like this -it's probably another one of those girl things. Our breakfast supplies are really low too; no yogurt, milk, bread and the only fresh fruit we have is cherries - leaving me few options and growing increasingly hungrier by the minute. I discovered some Morning Star Eggs Florentine Veggie Bites in the freezer and decided to give them a try. I figured they'd be tastier in the oven, as opposed to the microwave, so I brewed some coffee and waited for them to cook. I was pleasantly surprised to discover how good these things were! Very crisp on the outside and packed full of eggs, spinach and cheese on the inside - they even had the right amount of spices. Hooray for willpower!

One serving equals three bites, which I thought was a good portion size. They have 180 cal., 8 g. fat, 560 mg. sodium, 2 g. fiber, 3 g. sugar, 10 g. protein.

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