Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mexican Food Rediscovered.

Located in Gallup, New Mexico - where the Dad currently lives, Grandma's is a very small authentic northern New Mexico Mexican restaurant tucked away in a residential area south of downtown. Definitely stop if you are ever in the area.

What was ordered:

The brother thought one quesadilla wouldn't be enough so he ordered two. Silly mistake - they were huge, cheesy and cooked just perfectly. To drink he had the aguas del dia (water of the day), which was horchata. It's delicious! They were out of my Dad's favorite variety, agua de sandia or watermelon water.

I ordered the adovada burrito and it was beyond great. Seriously the most tender pork I've ever had and the flavors and heat of the red chile sauce was spot on. Certainly the best Mexican dish I've ever eaten. The entree was served with rice & refried beans.

The Dad ordered a combination of Mexican favorites, including the tastiest looking chile rellenos. Smothered in shredded cheese and green chili sauce, it was served with rice and refried beans. His dish was also delicious and cooked perfectly. He also had horchata to drink.

No pictures of the sister's equally delicious steak & eggs, served with hasbrowns and toast - I was too busy eating.

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