Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Woofy Pop!

Today is Carson's one year anniversary of being adopted from the pound. Even the cats would agree that Carson is an important (and funny) member of our home. Carson spent his anniversary, as he does most days, sleeping in front of the fan and chasing his tale - though he did get a treat to celebrate his special day.

Someone had given us a bag of Woofy Pop peanut butter flavored popcorn and this seemed like a good treat for Carson. Woofy Pop is a microwave popcorn dog treat that comes in various flavors dogs enjoy (bacon, chicken, cheese, etc.). You pop it like regular popcorn and is essentially just regular microwave popcorn with added flavors. At first Carson wasn't sure what to do with it, I think he thought it was a trick and he'd get in trouble for eating it. But once he realized it was for him, he dug in. Though he did prefer to eat it on the floor and while laying down. The husband said I should have tossed it to him to catch, he loves doing that, but it was more fun to watch him, and the cats, investigate this new treat.

I've never seen Woofy Pop in the store, but then again I've never looked for it either. All the reviews I read were favorable towards the product, though I'd have to agree with those who suggested just using plain ol' regular popcorn for an occasional treat. Carson was happy with his treat and ate it all, so that's all that matters!

From now until July 13, The Franklin County Dog Shelter is having a sale on all dogs adopted who are six months or older. We adopted Carson during their sale last year, and it's a great deal. If you've been wanting a dog, this is a great opportunity to add to your family and save some cash at the same time!

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JMS said...

happy anniversary, carson!