Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brown Sugar Salmon & Chicken.

Tonight we tried out last week's recipe from my cooking club, brown sugar salmon. Since I don't eat seafood, it's a texture thing, I had two chicken tenders and the husband had a salmon fillet. The recipe called for baking, but the poster of the recipe thought it would be good grilled so we went that route. Additionally, I used the juice from a whole lemon in lieu of the white wine and I used butter instead of margarine. Another reviewer from our club used olive oil instead of butter, which would add to the overall healthiness of the dish.

Our verdict.....we both thought the marinade was good, but probably not something we'd ever want to make again. Actually, the husband thought it was better than I did but he thought it might have just been the fish - I hardly ever make it at home & he really likes it. I just felt like it was a little plain and didn't have that much of a wow factor for me.

In all honesty, if I didn't happen to have some salmon on hand, I likely wouldn't have tried this recipe. Mainly because I don't like seafood and wouldn't have trecked out to buy some (call me lazy or selfish).

Oh and I did try a bit of the husband's salmon, I always try a bite of whatever he gets. But again it reconfirmed that I just don't like seafood, blah...tastes like styrofoam peanuts!

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