Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fun At The Fair.

I love The Ohio State Fair & everything about it - the rides, the animals, the food, the exhibits/displays, people watching, the smells - though some are more plesant than others & did I mention the people watching?!?! We didn't have a chance to go last year, so I was super excited to go with our good friends and their two kids. Going to the fair with kids is always fun!

The petting zoo

My favorite, the poultry barn

The rides

And the real reason why people go to the fair......


The husband started off with a sirloin steak sandwich with the works - mushrooms, peppers, onions & marina sauce. It looked, smelled & tasted delicious!

I had to get the "famous" $2 corndog, which is only famous in my family for being one of the cheapest* corndog's at the fair & conviently located directly next to the big yellow slide. *Family members, didn't it used to be $1?

The D family hit up the fry stand twice & were rewarded each time with hot, delicous and one of a kind fair fries! Love them with lots of salt, vinegar & ketchup.

Our last stop before leaving the fair is always cinnamon sugar doughnuts from the Inky Dinky doughnut cart. We handed over $4 and got a bag of 15 of the most incredible doughnuts I've ever put into my mouth. Seriously they melt in your mouth! I limited myself to four, which if you know my love for doughnuts is an amazing feat.

More food pictures, I love the fair at night when everything is lit up & sparkling. We did not get a lemon shake up this year, which is sad. But I did find a recipe on a freinds blog for a healthier version, which I will have to try out soon. I also had a rootbeer float, fabulous, but styrofoam and foamy brown ice cream don't photo well.

*FYI - tickets are only $2 after 8pm (the fair is open until 10), which leaves you with plenty of money for more food!


Joelen said...

Fair food is always good no matter how horrible it is healthwise! :)

That Girl said...

I love the fair! We go every year and my husband gives the games people all our money as I sample the food and do my best to avoid going on rides that are torn down and put up in 30 minutes.