Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lime Marinade.

Quick, easy, delicious & fresh.......not much else to say.

Lime Marinade

2 large chicken breasts
3 limes, juiced
Handful of cilantro leaves
Spices: garlic powder, chicken seasoning, ground cumin, chili powder, seasoning salt & pepper.

Put chicken in a large container and cover on both sides with spices. Add lime juice and cilantro and marinate until ready to grill. Grill as you normally would.

Source: me

My thoughts: I used chicken, but this would also be good with pork, seafood & vegetables. Chopped garlic could be used in place of the garlic powder, I was just too lazy to chop some. I also thought about adding hot sauce and or jalapenos to the marinade, but decided to leave it as is. I think both would add some nice heat to the marinade, as well as using spicier spices (is that redundant?). I just threw a bunch of cilantro leaves into the marinade, but you could use it whole, as in the leaves & stems since you're just using the herb for flavoring & not actually cooking it.


Joelen said...

Great marinade recipe - especially on shrimp! :)

That Girl said...

Lime is my favorite kind of marinade!