Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cheaters Jambalaya.

Awhile back my Mom gave me a box of Zatarains Jambalaya with Cheese (avg. $2.60) and we just got around to trying it out on Friday. I added some smoked sausage and leftover canned diced tomatoes to the box mixture and hoped for the best! The dish was better than I anticipated it would be, though a little too cheesy for my personal tastes. The husband had no complaints. The box indicates it makes 6 cups of Jambalaya, I would say it could feed 4 people if you had a side dish too.

My thoughts:

Would I eat it again? Yes.
Was it easy to make? Yes.
Was it filling? Yes.
Was it good? Surprisingly yes.
Did it need some hot sauce to liven it up a bit? Yes.
Would I give up homemade jambalaya for the boxed version? No way.
Did the leftovers reheat well? Yes.

1 comment:

jmshaw said...

we eat this a lot actually, but the plain kind, not the cheesy kind. we usually eat it with Jennie-o's turkey sausage, a can of diced tomatoes and a little Franks Red Hot. delish!