Sunday, January 11, 2009

Odwalla Apple Raspberry Energy Juice.

One of the side effects of a newer medicine I'm taking is that I can't drink carbonated beverages. Well I can, but they taste horrible - really horrible & nothing is worth having that awful taste in my mouth. Unfortunately that means I can't drink energy drinks, which was helpful for staying up late & getting up early - all things I'm doing more of to finish up my final few classes.

I've never tried Odwalla juices before, honestly I think they're too expensive. But I was at the grocery store the other day and it was on sale, sale being a relative term for juice, and I picked up a bottle. Now according to the bottle, this juice will provide me with serious focus, as well as enhanced concentration, attention & mental sharpness. I need all the serious focus I can get these days and was really hoping this juice help in that department. I'm so gullible, I know.

The color of the juice looked good, a nice mauve. I shook it up and opened the seal, it doesn't smell good - which should have been my first clue. I'm immediately hit with the overpowering taste of what I assume to be the green tea extract. Now assuming I could get past that taste, the drink would be pretty good. There is a half second where all you can taste is the fruit and it's really good. Then the green tea extract hits you again and it's all over. It isn't the most awful drink I've ever tasted, but it certainly isn't the best. I could only muster down a quarter of the juice, maybe it will be better tomorrow?

What I tried: Odwalla Apple Raspberry Mental Energy Juice Drink ($2.50, on sale).

The fine print: 56% juice, 14% organic ingredients & approximately35mg natural caffeine per serving, so 70mg for the entire bottle.

Nutritional Information: (servings per container 2) calories 170, fat 0, sodium 15mg, potassium 200 mg, total carbohydrate 40 mg, sugars 37 mg & protein 0. Green tea extract 850mg & ginseng 6mg.

Would I buy/try it again: No, not unless they got rid of that dirty grass taste. It also has way to much sugar in it, I think I'll stick to more natural fruit.


That Girl said...

While I don't buy into the whole "will make you focus" nonsense - I actually don't mind the taste of this puppy. Although I was one of those people who was head over heels over the Gap Grass scent.

Erika said...

Hmm, sounds like a bummer. That stinks. I love spluring on "$10 juice" occasionally, but I go for the Blueberry B-Monster. 100% juice puree, blueberry-mango-banana-other fruit flavors, and apparently a ton of B vitamins.

It's still like $4 a pop, so it's only a treat now and again.