Saturday, January 24, 2009

Triple-Layer Mud Pie.

The husband whipped up this simple & delicious dessert for his Mom's belated birthday dinner and it was really good! But you can't really go wrong with a triple layer of chocolate can you? Easy to make, delicious and totally not good for you, ummm do you seriously need more reasons to make this? So the husband goes to cut into the pie and the crust was rock solid. Seriously, we thought we might need to get out the power saw. At first we thought it was because he forgot to add the sweetened condensed milk, but after reading some of the online reviews it seems others had this problem as well. It didn't matter though, the triple-layer mud pie was still fabulous and cutting into each bite just provided lots of laughs for everyone!


hopeful #1 said...

Is this weight watchers friendly? HA!

That Girl said...

Yipes! I was going to suggest how amazing this would be frozen, but I think that would make it even more difficult to cut!