Sunday, February 8, 2009

Crock Pot Chicken Stroganoff.

I found this recipe for crock pot chicken stroganoff awhile back on Teale's Meals. I don't normally make dishes like this and was somewhat tentative to try it out, but all the reviews were favorable so I decided to give it a try. The recipe was better than I anticipated, which is always good! Even the leftovers heated up well. I served the chicken stroganoff over egg noodles, but as the recipe states pasta or rice would also be good substitutions.

I added a couple of things to the recipe, which I thought made it even better. I added sliced fresh mushrooms to the crock pot as the noodles were cooking and I also adding several different dried herbs (parsley, garlic & herb chicken seasoning, garlic powder and of course pepper). I did not cut up my chicken until the noodles were cooking, I cut the breasts into chunks and sort of let them fall apart too. The sauce had seemed really runny prior to that, but once I cut up the chicken it helped to thicken the sauce.

When I was searching for reviews for this recipe, I ran across another version which is a little different, but looks good too.


Mandy said...

This sounds like a crockpot meal I might actually like! I haven't been pleased with how chicken turns out in past dishes in there. Do you know if you can put the chicken in completely frozen or should I thaw it?

Brooke said...

Hi Mandy! I added two completely frozen chicken breasts. Enjoy!

Megan said...

I love that this is not only quick (to put together) and easy, but healthy too. I found you through the Queens forum. Stumbled!!!