Monday, February 9, 2009

A Dish By Any Other Name....

This is what we had for dinner, there will be no recipe - you are lucky to even get a picture. It was shameful how easy this meal was to make, almost as easy as something Sandra Lee would put together. So why then am I posting a picture of our dinner if I'm not going to share with you how to make it? It's because I'm asking you dear reader to help settle a little debate amongst the husband and myself.

What do you call this dish?

I realize this dish goes by several different names depending on where you live, but no matter, give me all the names you know this dish by. The husband and I thank you.

Updated 4/09: several people have brought this post to my attention recently and I thought I should go back and give you some background. The husband's family calls this meal - a hot shot. When I suggested this for dinner our conversation went something like this -

me: what about open faced turkey sandwiches for dinner?
the husband: nope.
me: why not?
the husband: turkey hot shot, yes. Open faced sandwich, no.

He thinks he's funny like that, or should I say he thinks he's a hotshot. He insists this is what they're called and I say it's just what people from southwestern Ohio call it. This usually starts another mini food battle where he mocks my southeastern Ohio hometown, but I digress. I say they're open faced sandwiches and more people know them by that name than a 'hot shot.' So dear readers that's the debate in a nutshell. Yes, you waited this long for that....riveting, wasn't it?


hannah said...

ummm... open faced sandwich?

Danae said...

From what I see, I'm going with Open Faced Sandwich as well.

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