Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Wildflower Cafe Revisited.

The husband & I decided to start a new tradition for ourselves, weekend breakfast & a movie. For our first installment he decided we should go to the Wildflower Cafe and while I wasn't that blown away by my lunch there a few months ago, I did remember they had hash on the menu and I'm a sucker for that.

I ordered eggs, over easy, which came with a side of fried potatoes and some toast, sourdough. I opted to also add a side of my beloved hash. The hash did not disappoint, however it would have been the same as if I'd opened a can of Armour, which it probably was. The rest of the meal was good, but seriously nothing to write home about - which I think summed up both of our opinions about the meal. The husband, who is the breakfast chef, could have made just as good - if not better & certainly cheaper breakfast.

Speaking of the husband, he ordered French toast. His meal came with a side of meat -I don't remember now, and he added some potatoes too. We both agreed the potatoes weren't that great and I don't think either of us finished ours. The coffee was great, simply a must have for any respectable breakfast establishment. Final verdict, it was ok - not great but not the worst breakfast I've ever had. It was also fairly expensive for what we had, which is beginning to annoy me about restaurants in general. Since when did it get so damn expensive to order really simple & basic foods?

Onto the movie, I gave in to the husband's wishes to see HP on the big screen. See I'm behind on my HP reading, I still need to read books 5-7 and didn't want to see the movie before reading the book. But given my schedule, that wasn't going to happen anytime soon - so off to the movie we went. We both enjoyed the movie - I don't have anything to compare it to though, I was told I didn't miss anything good. Random part I liked: the moving family tree room - very cool.

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